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We understand that your path to holistic well-being may involve questions and curiosity. Feel empowered to seek clarity and understanding by exploring our Frequently Asked Questions.

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  • Our holistic physical therapy goes beyond addressing physical symptoms. It integrates traditional and modern practices, considering the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit. Traditional physical therapy is based upon the treatment of a closed muscle group with the specific goal of repairing an injury. It is a suitable form of treatment for some patients, but does not address the whole system which leaves the body at a greater risk for reinjury.  A holistic approach to physical therapy is vastly different from the more traditional therapy as it treats the body and mind as a whole instead of only improving the function of one specific part.  Because we look at the person as a whole our treatments require less frequent appointments.   While a traditional physical therapy office would see you two to three times a week, we see our patients once a week to once every two to three weeks.  Despite the lower frequency we often achieve superior results.  

  • By its nature, Occupational Therapy is holistic in that it can offer support and guidance to help people live in greater peace and harmony with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. As our only Occupational Therapist,  Stacia Givens, OT, LMT is passionate about creating a safe place for people to come exactly as they are - a place where they can openly explore and discover avenues toward better health in all spheres of their life. Her goal is to educate, empower, and inspire people to be active participants in their own healing journeys as they learn to recognize and work with the power that already exists within them. She values open communication and is always seeking ways to better support her clients. She recognises that we ask a lot of our bodies and she supports clients in adopting practices of self-care, which is a key component of her work. Stacia works from a heart-mind-body centered approach and believes that every piece of a person's story from birth to this current moment has significance. She is honored to bear witness to the unfolding of those stories and loves helping people to connect the dots in order to create a life full of vitality.

  • Our holistic therapy services are designed to address a wide range of conditions, including musculoskeletal issues, chronic pain, stress-related disorders, and more. Whether you seek natural pain relief, mind-body well-being, or a harmonious approach to overall health, our holistic therapies cater to diverse needs.


    • Experiencing pain chronic or acute

    • Experiencing disruption in daily life ie difficulty with any meaningful role, activity, or routine

    • Seeking support and guidance to gain a deeper understanding of how to manage acute or chronic conditions

    • Those who are interested in incorporating mindfulness and somatic awareness practices into the folds of daily life

    • Those who have a desire for improved mental, emotional and physical health. 

    • Those who are open to exploring their current relationship to pain with a goal of creating changes that will ultimately shift and transform that relationship into one that can serve them vs hinder them. 

    • Some common client concerns we work with regularly: musculoskeletal pain from new/old injuries, stress related factors, or  underlying illness; repetitive stress injuries; soft-tissue injury, emotional trauma which affects the physical body; reconciling age-related changes; postural dysfunction; impaired balance; needs for energy and joint conservation in daily life; assistance with adapting activities and environment to maximize success and quality of life.

  • Holistic therapy is suitable for most individuals of a variety of ages and backgrounds.  Our practitioners tailor each treatment plan to the unique needs of the individual, ensuring that the approach is personalized and well-suited to their condition, preferences, and goals. However we are not suited for Pediatric therapy with small children.

  • Booking an appointment is easy, just call us and we will set you up with appointments and answer any questions regarding insurance and billing. During your first visit, you can expect a comprehensive assessment, where our practitioners will discuss your medical history, current concerns, and treatment goals. This initial evaluation helps tailor a personalized treatment plan that aligns with your specific needs.

  • Depending on your needs and preferences, our practitioners can customize sessions to include a combination of holistic therapies, based on their assessment of your condition. This approach allows for a more comprehensive and tailored experience, addressing multiple aspects of your well-being.  We may also recommend appointments with other practitioners  in our practice who may be a good match to meet your needs.

  • Yes, all our practitioners are state licensed professionals with extensive qualifications in their respective fields. They bring a wealth of expertise to provide top-notch care.

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